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Taverner’s Honey Ale (330ml x 4)



Taverner’s Tasmanian Honey Ale is a type of red ale brewed using amber and crystal malts, complemented with Tasmanian Meadow honey and lightly dry-hopped with Tasmanian Cascade hops. This copper red coloured ale has a caramel-like malt sweetness that matches the candy flavour of the meadow honey, with a zesty grapefruit aroma and flavour from the hops. It has a cloudy appearance due to the partial brewing process which took place in the bottle that will retain some yeast. The yeast helps to improve the ale with age, adding to the flavours. This is very common as it is the traditional way of making a fine ale.

4% Alcohol

Packet of 4 bottles

Additional information

Weight 2.280 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 22 cm


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