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Eclipse Organics Toasted Lumberjack with Apple, Date & Coconut


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Eclipse Organics is found by Brett and Jonny in Australia. It is proudly Australian Certified Organic. Eclipse Organics is passionate about their Healthy Creations! Trusted Family Food and Proudly Australian Certified Organic.

These Eclipse Organics are well-packed convenience without compromise to quality or taste. It is Certified Organic which contains Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo Friendly, GMO-Free, Good Source of Fibre, Preservatives Free, No Added Oils, Plant-Based, Grain-Free and Vegan. These mueslis are low carbohydrates and high nutrition and surely made a good healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast contains wholesome organic food is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.


Descriptions: Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free
A vibrant muesli with organic rolled wholegrain oats and cornflakes toasted into clusters with fresh dates. Our crunchy clusters are blended with rustic apples and fruit then loaded with nuts and seeds. Inspired by country.
Ingredients: Oats Rolled*, Coconut*, Dates*, Apple*, Corn Flakes*, Sunflower Seeds*, Pepitas*, Raisins*, Cashews*, Chia Seeds*. * Certified Organic.

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