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Bridestowe Lavender Estate – Bobbie™ Lavender Sachet


What a great little addition to the Bobbie Collection! Your very own “Bobbie sachet” to hang in your car, wardrobe, door knob- in fact anywhere you

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Bridestowe Lavender Heat Pack


Lavender & Wheat filled microwave heat pack is used for warming of parts of the body in order to manage pain. With its aromatic compound, it

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Bridestowe SPA Lavender-Scented Hand Therapy Cream


Bridestowe Spa Hand Therapy lavender scented hand cream. A nourishing hand cream to protect your hands from cracking and to relieve chapped skin conditions. With its rich and

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Bridestowe The Lavender Collection Lip Balm


A moisturising lip balm, lightly scented with lavender. Very mild flavour and applies as a clear balm.

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