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Taverner’s Honey Ale (330ml x 4)

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Taverner’s Tasmanian Honey Ale is a type of red ale brewed using amber and crystal malts, complemented with Tasmanian Meadow honey and lightly dry-hopped with Tasmanian

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Taverner’s Honey Mead (375ml)

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Multi-award winning mead. Taverner’s Dessert Honey Mead is a deep golden colour originating from the fine Tasmanian Clover and Prickly Box honey. The aroma is complex

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Taverner’s Honey Nectar (375ml)

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Descriptions: Taverner’s Honey Nectar Concentrate is a multi-award-winning product, having participated in the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards and achieved several gold awards in the past

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Taverner’s Honey Porter (330ml x 4)

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AN AWARD WINNING ALE This is a highly complex porter brewed using amber, chocolate and roasted malts, combined with the iconic Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. Intense in

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Taverner’s Pale Honey Ale (330ml x 4)

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AN AWARD WINNING ALE The Honey Pale Ale is light in both colour and body which has a refreshing clean crisp finish. Dry hopped, using Tasmanian

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Taverner’s Strong Honey Ale (330ml x 4)

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A MULTI-AWARD WINNING ALE This Braggot typifies the Celtic heritage of this style using a higher percentage than other honey ales of strong flavoured honeys to

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